How To Keep A Secret

Lead everyone to believe that you are not the kind of person to keep secrets. This is accomplished by always answering as many questions as area asked of you, truthfully, without revealing your secret. If you must lie, tell the lie that is closest to the truth, which is most believable. Whenever possible, offer non-secret pieces of information that others may consider keeping a secret. If you must tell your secret, tell it to the person with the smallest mouth, from whom you would like to learn how to keep secrets. Keep as few secrets as possible. Keep no small secrets, because small secrets give the appearance of secretiveness which is to be avoided at all costs. Remind yourself continually that you do not actually ever wish to be found out. Remind yourself of the consequences of discovery and reasons for keeping the secret.

Tell the secret to yourself, often, to avoid the explosion factor.


~ by ifindthisamusing on May 19, 2007.

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