The Signal

“Where’s it coming from?”
“Somewhere on Earth. Who cares?”
“I do. Earth used to be important. When did you pick it up?
“Early yesterday.”
“Is it language? Sound? Code?”
“Some kind of code but it’s unreadable.”
“An image maybe?”
“Doubtful. Technology was too rudimentary.”
“How long ago did it begin transmission?”
“Long time. Circa 2,000, I think. I ran it through the system. The readout’s in the printer”
“…Oh weird! It is an image. Run it through this program, see? Where it says…”
“Yeah, hold on. There…wow! I didn’t expect that to work! It’s loading…. Wait, is that the…?”
“Yes. It is.”

(thanks to prompting and inspiration)


~ by ifindthisamusing on June 18, 2008.

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