The Fire

“What if they find him?”
“They won’t.”
“But what if they do?”
“They won’t!”
“But—” He claps his hand over her mouth.
“Stop it!” A tear splashes over his knuckles. “They can’t. We can’t let them.” He tries to look fierce. She can’t restrain her tears but keeps her voice steady.
“He started that fire, didn’t he?”
“We don’t even know if it is a ‘he’.”
The sky is an iron canopy. August pretends she isn’t crying, smearing dirty cheeks with fists. The dragon stretches one crumpled wing, examines the beautifully fragile webbing. Satisfied, it coughs.
It is growing larger.


~ by ifindthisamusing on June 29, 2008.

One Response to “The Fire”

  1. find a more natural way to make dialog and description fit together. i feel like their obviously separate, like shifting gears or jumping over a canyon.

    i feel like i shouldn’t feel a jolt when moving between them.

    that being said, these are very good. keep up the great work. :).

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