The Russet Rose

“Do you enjoy flowers?” He asks politely, sweating a little. His hand had trembled when he kissed mine. My manners are flawless, but I should be kinder.
“They seem a bit superfluous to me.” Like love, I think, but he is so sincere. He selects a single russet rose, offering it to me. The stem drips so I remove my left glove before accepting it with a smile. A small one. Enough to express gratitude but not to encourage. “A thousand words are spoken in a smile” My tutor would say, “And more adeptly.”
I have mastered the art of smiling.


~ by ifindthisamusing on July 5, 2008.

One Response to “The Russet Rose”

  1. Hmm. So many things I could say. I like this character best–this relationship best–unless it’s not actually different than the other ones. This tone is gripping, specific, it knows what its talking about. I would read this storyline.

    The russet rose bit is a *bit* pretentious to me, but I think your story holds it fine, all things considered. Still, simplicity (rose) _might_ serve it better. Just ideas.

    Loving what you write, mostly. :).

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