Queen of Spades

She wished the world would fall in love with her and when it did she was annoyed (to avoid being sad.) She liked breaking hearts less than giving away her own, so she dealt it out like a deck of cards to anyone who could afford the buy in. No one ever seemed to win, but she sure lost cards, even faster than friends. She needed to get the hell married, but for that she’d have to pick one. She’d always deal, but never gamble. She wanted to make them all happy but no one was happy—she least of all.


~ by ifindthisamusing on July 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Queen of Spades”

  1. This has lots of through in it, though I think the metaphor is a bit overplayed. Still, both of these recent stories are genius and I can’t wait to hear more. You’re striking on something here.

  2. wow, through = truth. i don’t know _where_ my mind goes sometimes.

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