On Prayer (And Irony) [This is what happens when you write the “Sunday school” versions of parables all day. The “true” story begins to eat at you. Although, it could make for an interesting story arc.]

“I want justice, damnit!” she shouted. The judge ate another grape.
“Go away! You give me a headache.”
“Fine. See you tomorrow!” she slammed his ornately carved office door. He frowned. She annoyed him. She had visited every day for a month with the same stupid request. He now dreaded coming to work. And a widow too. A peon. Give the hell up already!

“Justice, damnit!” Slamming her shoe on his desk. He awoke thinking he’d been shot.
“ENOUGH! You win.” he hurled the word like a bullet, signing her document so violently the paper ripped.
“Thank you.” she smiled calmly.


~ by ifindthisamusing on July 16, 2008.

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