Writing (Not For Pleasure)

Her armpits are wet and her palms are clammy. She stares at a blank screen, wondering for the millionth time why she agreed to do this. This is ridiculous. I never even wanted to marry into this and here I am….Friday afternoon with no sermon. She fidgets. Uses the bathroom. Gets a drink. Checks her email again. She’s out of distractions. “Seriously, how hard can this be?” She says out loud. They’ll forget everything you’ve said 30 seconds after you leave the pulpit and they’ll forget your face 3 minutes later. If you wear something tight, they may remember that.


~ by ifindthisamusing on July 23, 2008.

One Response to “Writing (Not For Pleasure)”

  1. gah. true. lol. i love the turn at the end. thank you.

    *i* definitely remember you. :).


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