The Malfunctioning Princess

(For Madelyn, the first princess to malfunction, and Sienna, who looked after her.)

“The princess is malfunctioning again.”
“Again?  Really?  What is it this time?”
“I’m not sure.  I think she might’ve blown a fuse or something.  Her regulation seems off.”
The princess’s white dress glows faintly in the gathering dark.  We watch her running lopsidedly down  the side of the ravine into a tree.  She rebounds and runs into it again.  Faint high-pitched yells drift up to us.
“Well, what shall we do?” I ask.
“I-I’m not sure.” She looks nonplussed.  The princess stops running into the tree and now appears to be biting it.  “Wait for the wizard, I suppose.”


~ by ifindthisamusing on September 8, 2008.

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