In the Beginning, God Created Physics

Before God created anything, He knew that he would create people.  I want to create people who will be my friends. Thought God. I will love them, and they will love me.  We will walk together and talk together and be in relationship.

I will make them in My image so that the more they learn about each other and themselves, the more they will learn about Me.

I will make them a beautiful place to live.  I will fill the home I make for them with clues about Me so that the more they learn about their home, the more they will learn about Me.

I will make their home governed by natural laws so that they will know that I always do what I say I will do.

I will fill their home with examples of My love.  I will surround them with stories about Me: stories about my forgiveness, stories about new life, stories about how much they need Me, stories about restoration.

I will even create some things just to make them laugh.

And then God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.  Light poured into the darkness.  It was complex and intricate.  It always followed the same rules—even when it seemed to behave strangely, it was just doing what Light does according the rules God set up for it.  Just like God, it always behaved the same way.  It kept its promises.  In just that one thing—light—God had created laws that governed the universe.  If God had only created light, we still could have known so much about Him.

Then God created air to breathe and ground to walk on.  God created the air to be invisible and everywhere and absolutely necessary for life—just like He is.  God created the ground to hold our weight, to carry us even when we ignore it—just like He does.

After that, God looked around and said, we need some color around here!  And just like that the bare, dark, sweet-smelling earth began to sprout flowers, and grass, and bushes and trees, each one different and each one beautiful.  God said, “I want each of these plants, from the biggest to the smallest to tell My story.  Each plant will produce seeds.  When the seeds fall to the ground in death, they will be resurrected, growing a new plant, the same as the one that died.  But why be boring?  I want these seeds to grow from beautiful, colorful flowers—a million different kinds.  I want them to be housed in delicious fruits to eat.  Why should eating to stay alive be boring?  Let there be taste and variety and color!  I’m not boring and monotonous, why should my people’s food be?  Why should their home be?

Then God said, if everything is the same all the time, very soon everyone will become very very tired!  Let there be a time to be awake and a time to be asleep.  I want my people to rest.  I will make a big light to tell the people when to be awake, and lots of little, quiet lights to sing them to sleep at night.  Also, let there be whole long seasons of rest when the plants can sleep under ground only to wake up to new life when the next season comes.  Let it be warm for a season and cold for a season.  Let rain fall without being asked to feed the plants and keep them alive.  I want my people to know how much I love them and will take care of them even without being asked.

Then God said, let’s make creatures—a million kinds!  Let’s make an elephant and penguin and a whale and a tiger and a mosquito and a banana slug and a chinchilla and an angelfish and a clownfish and a monkey and so many crazy kinds of birds of so many crazy kinds of colors and shapes that no one will be able to count or keep track!  The birds will make such beautiful music; this place will sound like heaven!  Let’s make a caterpillar, yes! A caterpillar that tells a story!  It will be born a little worm.  It will eat and eat and eat and when the time is right it will build a little tomb for itself.  It will crawl inside and die for a little while.  But then it will come out of the tomb!  It will break free from death and it won’t be a little worm anymore.  It will have wings—beautiful, colorful wings to fly and fill the sky with so many beautiful, colorful stories.  It will be so lovely and it will tell such a lovely story.

Then God looked around at everything that He had made so far.  He saw the colors, smelled the smells and heard the sounds of all the creatures and all the beautiful things that He had made.  God smiled. “Nice.” He said.  “I think that’s enough for them to handle.  If I used all the colors and smells and music in my heart, I think their tiny heads would explode!  This is just enough.  When they see all of this they will see Me without it killing them.”  Then He said, “Everything is ready. It is time.”

So God reached down and scooped up a handful of soft clay from the ground and made it into a man.  God held this tiny clay figure in his hand and looked into its tiny clay face.  God took a deep breath and began to blow, gently at first.  He blew and blew.   Where God’s breath touched the clay, it turned into skin.  Soon the skin became warm as blood started running underneath it.  Soon a heart was beating in the little chest.  Suddenly the figure took a deep breath of God’s breath into it’s tiny lung and opened its eyes.  He yawned and stretched.  The brand new person looked into God’s eyes, and God looked back.  “Hello,” said God, “Your name is Adam.”

“Hello,” said Adam. “I look just like you!”


~ by ifindthisamusing on April 8, 2010.

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