Indie Day

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There’s something irreplaceably fantastic about the perfectly soundtracked day.  It’s a difficult thing to master due to extenuating circumstances like work and radio, not to mention availability.  But when the sun rises to Andrew Bird, Modest Mouse carries you to lunch and and the live version of that one song by that hot redhead you have a crush on sings you home again, you wonder why it doesn’t happen every day.  You clean your house to Hello Saferide and the Department of Eagles.  Black morning sneaks up on As Tall As Lions, but you won’t sleep because tomorrow will be ordinary.


The End

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In the few awkward moments between when the world existed and when it didn’t anymore, we all just sort of stood there wondering if we should sing or something.  It was weird to think that the only songs left were the ones in our heads but we tried not to dwell on it.  Too depressing.  The princess hummed a little, but I don’t think she understood what was happening.  Sienna cried quietly into her hands and God bless the prophet for not saying “I told you so.”  The wizard looked as though this were the best show he’d seen in years.

The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Arrival Of The Wizard

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“The Harry Potter costume is a bit much, don’t you think?”  I asked.  The wizard looked irked.  He cleaned his glasses carefully.
“Tell me about your princess.”
“She’s malfunctioning.” I said. “Sienna thinks she’s blown a fuse.”
“Did you try changing it?” The wizard put his glasses back on.
“Changing what?”
“The fuse.”  The frames were empty.  His eyes blinked back at us through empty space.  I wondered what he’d cleaned.
“What do you mean?”
The wizard sighed.
“The world is ending.” said the prophet hopefully.
“Is it?” The wizard looked intrigued.
“Is he an idiot?”  Sienna whispered.  I didn’t know.

In The Event Of A Crash Landing

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“What, exactly will save her from?  I mean, if the world ends…”
“Just because this world ends doesn’t mean all worlds have to.” I said.  The prophet looked confused.
“How will you get her there?”
“Do you think she’ll hurt herself?”  I asked, observing the princess.
“I don’t think she can do much damage.  Her circuits are already on the fritz and she’ll probably need a complete systems overhaul.  Might as well enjoy herself now.”  Sienna smiled for the first time.
“How will you get her there?” The prophet was relentless.
“Not sure.” I yawned. “Wait for the wizard I suppose.

The End of the World

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“The world is ending.” said the Prophet, observing the princess kicking herself repeatedly in the face.
“You think everything means the world is ending.” said Sienna mildly.
“That’s because it is, and it does.” the Prophet looked put out.
“Every Prophet for a thousand years has predicted the end of the world.” I said.  “What makes you so lucky?”  The princess stopped kicking.
“What if the world actually is ending?” Sienna looked at me.
“We’d save the princess.”
“Why?” asked the prophet.  We looked at him.  He changed tactics.  “How?”
“I’m not sure.” I said. “Wait for the wizard, I suppose.”

The Malfunctioning Princess

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(For Madelyn, the first princess to malfunction, and Sienna, who looked after her.)

“The princess is malfunctioning again.”
“Again?  Really?  What is it this time?”
“I’m not sure.  I think she might’ve blown a fuse or something.  Her regulation seems off.”
The princess’s white dress glows faintly in the gathering dark.  We watch her running lopsidedly down  the side of the ravine into a tree.  She rebounds and runs into it again.  Faint high-pitched yells drift up to us.
“Well, what shall we do?” I ask.
“I-I’m not sure.” She looks nonplussed.  The princess stops running into the tree and now appears to be biting it.  “Wait for the wizard, I suppose.”

Another 55 Word Story About The End Of The World

•August 28, 2008 • 1 Comment

It happened in the middle of the day too.  A nice day.  No nuclear winter or smog covering, just your typical, beautiful September morning.  Last One was the first to see it coming, which is actually a little strange.

Huh, She thought, squinting at the sky a week before her wedding. Well this just sucks.